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"Halo Pear" (3 ct)

"Halo Pear" (3 ct)

925 Sterling Silver

Surface Width: 10mm

Main stone size: 9mm*7mm

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Care Instructions

Keeping jewelry looking great can sometimes be a difficult task because it can tarnish from exposure to water, creams & lotions, humidity, and other things. Knowing how to take care of your jewelry is key, especially if you want to wear it for years.

1.) Keep your jewelry dry and clean

Caring for your jewelry is an important part of maintaining its value and beauty. Whether it’s a diamond engagement ring or fashion jewelry, everything looks better if you know how to properly take care of it. With the proper knowledge, you can keep your jewelry looking good as new!

2.) Know when to remove your jewelry

No matter what materials are involved, jewelry is delicate. Remove your jewelry when you have no need to wear it (playing sports, swimming in the pool, cleaning the house, working in the garden, etc)

3.) Learn about your pieces before cleaning

There are different methods for cleaning jewelry, depending on what type it is. Certain types of fashion jewelry should never be submerged in water. Examine your jewelry for information on the best way to clean it.

4.) Always clean your jewelry after wearing it

Whether you’re wearing rhinestones or precious gems, the chemicals from everyday activities can be damaging. To clean your jewelry and maximize shine, gently rub it with a soft clean cloth after each use. Clean at least once a month to prevent build up of dirt and grime. Jewelry with crevices can to be cleaned with a soft bristled brush. Avoid getting beaded or threaded jewelry wet, simply wipe it with a damp cloth. Avoid everyday chemicals such as hair/cleaning products, cosmetics, lotions, perfumes, and other chemicals. If you still want to use those products and wear the jewelry wait until your body is dry to put it on. It’s best to put lotion on your hands/body after you’ve taken your jewelry off at night.

If needed, you can use a mild dish detergent from your kitchen or baby shampoo and warm water (ratio of 1 part detergent to 2 parts water) and scrub your cubic zirconia to remove dirt and debris. Rinse it completely and make sure no soap residue is left on your jewelry. IF your jewelry has stones attached, avoid soaking or submerging it in liquid for any length of time because the water may loosen the glue holding the stones in place. Use a clean, dry cloth and gently dab your jewelry until there is no moisture left. Letting it air dry can cause damage. Avoid using abrasive cleaners (bleach, chlorine, ammonia, etc) because they are extremely harsh and are likely to strip the metals.

5.) Store your jewelry in a safe place

No matter how careful you are when you wear your jewelry, it can get damaged if not stored properly. Store your items in a safe place (like a jewelry box or airtight container) and place them separately instead of in a pile together. It’s best to keep them away from light because direct sunlight and heat can potentially cause damage. Keep your chains clasped to keep them from getting tangled. If possible, separate the different types of jewels/materials from each other. You can also store your jewelry in a drawstring purse (soft cloth like chintz, velvet, or cotton work the best). Avoid linen, net, georgette, and jersey.

Consider these jewelry storage ideas to reduce scratches and wear:

  • Jewelry tree for necklaces & earrings
  • Separate cloth pouches for precious items or individual jewelry cases for your most valuable items
  • Jewelry armories for all of your pieces
  • Travel with a jewelry case. Tossing your jewelry in a toiletry bag or a suitecase can cause a lot of damage. Make sure to protect your items when you’re on the road!

6.) Put your jewelry on last.

Think of it as the finishing touch for your look to avoid wear from getting ready!


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